War of the Willamette Tournament

Sunday November 21st, 2021 9:30 AM Shotgun Start

Open to Duck or Beaver Fans CLOSED TO HUSKIES!
4 person team- each team gets one orange or yellow ball depending on the affiliation. Each player plays the orange/yellow ball in rotation the other members play a 3-man scramble.
CONTEST: If one side has more teams than the other, they get to throw out their highest team scores equal to the number of teams they have over the opposite.
TEES| Men-White | Women- Red | 65+: Gold
LOST BALL: If you loose the orange/yellow ball it is a 2-shot penalty to your final team score and you continue to play the same format with a different ball
FOUND BALL: If you find a ball from the opposite side you get to take away 2-shots from your final team score!
ROTATION: Prior to play, decide which player rotation you will use and do not deviate from that rotation.

Individual: $75 Team: $300

Awards: Low Beaver/Duck Team net prizes, skill prizes

Entry Includes: 18 holes, cart, tee prizes, dinner, range balls, & more

Super Bowl Scramble
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