Fun Facts


Diamond Woods is family owned and operated, with a history that dates back to the early 80s. Below are five facts highlighting our 20+ years in business.


  1. Diamond Woods is owned and operated by two brothers, Jeff and Greg Doyle, who bought the land in 1984.
  2. Jeff Doyle played for two major league baseball teams in two different countries, for the St. Louis Cardinals (1983) in the U.S. and the Nankai Hawks (1984, 85) in Japan, earning the money to buy the land the course was built on.
  3. Greg Doyle worked on the construction and was irrigation specialist for fellow Oregon courses Pumpkin Ridge and Trysting Tree.
  4. Greg quit his job to build and design the course in 1994, opening the first nine in 1997 and the second in 1998.
  5. The name “Diamond Woods” is an amalgamation of two things that made building the golf course possible–“diamond” in reference to our baseball history and “woods” in memory of the Woods family who sold us the property.